April 3, 2012

Hello, *Mom*

Three things conspired this weekend to give me a fuller picture of who/what I've become.

First, I start to notice that with more regularity, Willa has taken to shortening Mama -- the sweetest words ever uttered from her lips -- to straight-up Mom. As in, my Mom, like my Mom.

As in whatever, Mom.

As in Mom! Mom! Mom! I want some juice! 

Mama is my preferred name (and luckily, the one Willa chose -- at first, at least). It's earthy and sweet, with a little cadence. And, it also pairs equally nice with "hot" as in "hot mama" and "zen" as in "zen mama" and also with "hey" as in "hey mama, aren't you looking hot and zen?"

But Mom? I wasn't sure I'd hit that yet.

But then, this weekend, after a nice walk, I settle into the back yard with friends and I pour myself a nice glass of white wine. Just to class it up, I decide it needs an ice cube (kudos to my Mama friend Jule for this idea). And then -- oh gawd, I can't believe I'm admitting this -- I later throw in a little bit of 7Up.

To make a spritzer.  

A white wine spritzer.

Finally, the last straw was that as Willa and I are strolling downtown, I catch a glimpse my reflection in a store window in the skinny jeans I've been trying to rock. I'm shocked to find that instead of the hip, fashion-forward Mom I'm attempting to be, I look a bit more like this:

If you see me at Christopher and Banks and I'm trying on a nice applique vest, stop me.  


// If you're already here, when did you know you'd hit Momdom?


  1. A) I've seen you in those skinny jeans and you /are/ rocking them. I don't care what anybody says.

    B) Some of the vests at Christopher and Banks are totally adorable.

    C) I love the new look of your blog.

    As for your question: While I am technically still "Mommy" and/or "Mama," to my kids, I knew I was really Mom when I started wearing yoga pants with tennis shoes, when I asked Maggie to tell me about her "little friends" (a phrase I swore I'd never use because my mom said it and I hated it) and when I started referring to my babies as "the kiddos." I mean: my God, Courtney! Kiddos?

  2. First of all, Jennifer's comment is hilarious, as is this post. Secondly, I think I entered momdom when I got called out on this blog for putting a cube in my wine. Glad to be here, though. Good company.

  3. I got a mini-van in January. And I love it so much. . .that's not my first or only "momdom" reminder, but certainly my most recent.

    Love the new format!

  4. Don't even get me started on the mini-van. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Did you know there are 15 beverage holders?

  5. Funny, funny, funny!

    I agree, cup holders rock, but Jennifer stay away from the Holiday vests! Thats a commitment I've kept.

    When I was a teenager I made a conscious note to myself that I would never ever, no matter how old I got, dress like a Mom and pick lame things out for my daughter to wear. It hasn't worked. When shopping for clothes with my daughter everything I pick out she rolls her eyes at and everything she picks out I have to bite down on my tongue to keep from screaming, "My God you have incredible boobs, but for Christ sake keep them covered up!"

  6. This is such an amazingly funny discussion! I love it. I too took the minivan plunge last month and I was GIDDY while test driving it. It is a 12 year old, 200,000+ mile MINIVAN and I was over the moon. It has so much room, so many seats, they fold and unfold, I could fit a full size refrigerator (or a yard of compost) in the back if I folded the seats. Sold.

    Here is a typical conversation with my almost 4 (going on 15) year old, "okay mom, what's our plan tonight? I think that I should watch a cartoon and then we'll clean the house. Deal?" WTF... How on earth did we get here?



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