Photo by Erin Berzel.
To cultivate is to "break up soil in preparation for sowing or planting."

In some cases, it means to weed (which I do a lot of) in other cases, it means to educate, to hone, to refine (which I strive to do more of.)

This blog is about a life cultivated, in both the former and latter sense.

The author, Courtney, is a farmgirl who vowed she'd get off the farm and out of this one-horse town, only to fall in love with -- you guessed it -- a farmer.

Ten years after she left, dust flying behind her, she returned to the shortgrass prairie of Montana with her handsome husband to start over, start a family and start a farm, all in the same county she grew up.

She and her husband now run Prairie Heritage Farm, where they raise vegetables, pastured turkeys, ancient and heritage grains and sometimes, a little ruckus.

Life, Cultivated is a story of marriage and motherhood, family and farming, and whether or not it's advisable to combine any or all of these.


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