Columns and Other Writings

I write other places too. Here's proof.

The Daily Yonder
The Daily Yonder is a great site, a rural journal, if you will. (Say that three times fast. Rural Journal. Rural Journal. Rural Journal.) For the Yonder, I write a monthly column about farming and coming home to rural America.

Home Again: Working to Do Farm Work

Home Again: Farms, Mothers and Farmers' Daughters

Home Again: We're All Just Renting

Home Again: Of Winter and Discontent

Home Again: To Borrow?

Home Again: I Vowed I Wouldn't Marry a Farmer

Home Again: To Farm Is to Let Go

New West
New West is an online mag about the Rocky Mountain West. I started it with a friend and former professor in 2005. I left in 2009 when we moved to the farm. It's since closed its doors. Here are a few of my favorite essays:

When Back to the Land Actually Means 'Back'

The Family Farm, 2.0

Waiting for a Wildfire (About my family's cabin almost going *poof* in a forest fire.)


CNN Money: Fear of debt: Should I finance my dream?
Greenhorns: 50 Dispatches from the New Farmers' Movement (A very cool new book from The Greenhorns, for which I wrote an essay on financing.)


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