April 25, 2012

Run and Gun

Apologies, there's not going to be much meat to this post. Or, perhaps any post from here until September. But photos. You'll get lots of photos. And recipes. (And sentences that aren't really sentences, apparently.)

Because folks, we've headed straight on into run and gun season.

This week, we plowed, planted, transplanted, direct seeded, weeded (I know! Already!), rototilled, fixed the fork lift, rode bikes (see photo below of the one in the family who is happiest about it finally being bike weather), worried and worried about the weather (We HAVE to get this in the ground if it's going to rain Thursday, etc. etc.) and prepped for our 150 heritage turkeys, which are scheduled to arrive at the Post Office Thursday morning.

(Really, they arrive via U.S. Post. Think of showing up at the counter and asking for a book of the forever stamps and, why not, 150 turkeys while you're at it.)

We will make our first CSA deliveries in a little more than a month. A month. Our two farm apprentices arrive starting in a week.

That is all to say: It's on.

A few highlights from the first week of the rest of our year:

Aforementioned stoked bike passenger. 

(Note: I need to stay in shape and get out the farm these days (we live 3.5 miles away from the farm -- that's a whole other story) so voila -- my friend Steph saved the day with letting us borrow this bike trailer. Two birds, one stone. Or actually, like 10 birds. 
Mama can get to the farm while she tones her quads and toddler gets in a good nap, shaded and happy and protected from blood-sucking insects and whatnot.)

Next: The field that will transform in less than two months from mere soil to a sea of vegetables...

Cute kid in aforementioned field...

Kid taking a snack break after a hard 10 minutes in said field...

And finally, how every one of my to-do lists starts recently. 
Because if I don't remind myself, I will forget or put it off and then I've become that lady...


  1. I'm so excited for you guys, real live apprentices! You're gonna rock this year especially hard. I'll be your number one groupie cheering loudly from the west coast. But I probably won't be throwing any undergarments your way if it's all the same to you ;)

  2. Hooray!! You're gonna have apprentices! So glad for you. And....are those bags of dirt holding down your row cover? If so, I had that very same idea this year, and it works great :-). It's the little things. Now I need to go check shower off of my own to-do list. Happy turkey-sitting.

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