March 26, 2012

In Montana Magazine

The current issue of Montana Magazine -- the one with the fox on the cover (a real fox, not me, jeez) -- features a really wonderful story by Beth Judy on our very own Prairie Heritage Farm.

The photos, by the talented Mr. Jeremy Lurgio, are great and Beth's piece captures us, our hopes, our dreams, our values and our challenges extremely well.

We've been extraordinarily lucky to get loads of good press over the last four years, but this story really shines at getting at the heart of what we do. (And that, as I know, is a hard thing to do as a reporter.)

I was particularly nervous about how this story would come out because we were beyond scattered when Beth came to spend some time with us this summer. We'd just found out the deal on our dream farm had fallen through, we'd just found out we were pregnant (we later miscarried) and our little one was sick, sick sick -- all the middle of high season on the farm.

So, I wasn't very on message (not that I ever am really) and felt like I'd given Beth just a total mess of a representation of us. But, maybe because of that -- or maybe because Beth is just a really good intuitive magazine writer -- the story feels more authentic than any other piece of journalism that's been created about us. (Other than, of course, our friend Rick White's amazing radio documentary, in which he chronicled our first year on the farm. Man, I wish I had a link to share with you.)

It's always hard to see yourself in print, or hear yourself on the radio, or see yourself in video -- to see yourself through someone else's lens. You're almost always left wondering: Is that really me? Is that how the world sees me? What you see doesn't always square with what you think or know.

But this piece wasn't hard at all like that -- it really looks and feels like us, like our true selves, mess, weeds, chaos and all.

So, if you're looking for some good reading material, pick up a copy at a bookstore, grocer or any magazine retailer in Montana (I found a good stack at at Town Pump).

Here are a few of our favorite photos from Jeremy's photo shoot (all photos courtesy of and copyright of Jeremy Lurgio -- see more of his work here!):


  1. Loving that kale on your daughter's left in the first pic!

  2. The bonnet and the rusty radio flyer. It's too beautiful. Congratulations!



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