March 30, 2011

Six Months

Six months seems but a blip. And never have six months gone by as fast as they just did.

But my God, how a life can change in six months.

This little bean, buttercream breath and all, goes from this:

To this:

When little ones are so little, dew still on them, people keep telling you it gets better. The first months are so very sweet, but also so very tough. They're hard to understand, they're hard to hold, they're hard to feed and even hard to snuggle. Everything is careful and hushed.

You're just getting to know each other and that dance can be a delicate -- and sometimes lonely -- one.

So people tell you it will get better -- that there will come a day when this little bean becomes a friend, a tiny pal, a person you want to talk to, sing with, do anything for a giggle. I didn't know what they meant until now.

Giggly Willa from conradcowgills on Vimeo.


  1. Love that laugh, it's worth the work everytime to hear her giggle.

  2. Maggie and Cormac both thought that video was hilarious.

  3. Boy is that cute. . .and I swear she says "I love you" right up there at the start :)

    Babies are so sweet. . .but it can be a tough year for moms, that first one. You're doing great. Keep it up.



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