March 9, 2011

Doing Ourselves a Solid

The day of Willa's first meal started like this:

The book says winter squash at 6 months. She's five and a half. Maybe we should start with sweet potatoes.

But we can't grow sweet potatoes. We have our own winter squash and wouldn't it be better to start her on something we grew?

How do we make sure the spoon is fully sanitized?

What's that spot on the sweet potato, is it rotten?

What if I got the wrong kind of water? Did the book say spring water or purified water?

How long do I have to boil the water?

Why does she have to have water again?

And, really? I need to watch her water intake because too much could make her *what* fail?

Are you sure the cup is BPA free?

Are we sure this is the right time? One study says 4 months, another says 6 months. What if she develops allergies because of this?

All these questions I hadn't thought of before started popping up and just like that, just when I thought I had things figured out, I didn't.

But, after a minor panic attack, Jacob assured me that for centuries, mothers and fathers had figured out how to feed their children and we could too.

So, I mixed stirred and breathed and then fed my baby. Smooth as sweet potato puree.

A few days and we had the food thing down pat.

With sweet potatoes at least.


  1. My bad mommy friend -- and I really mean that. This woman was a very bad mommy; I couldn't even be friends with her after a while. She sucked at mommy and she sucked at step-mommy -- at any rate, my bad mommy friend, the woman I befriended when I was the first person I knew who had any babies and I was at home each and every long day with Maggie who only nursed on one breast and even that was laying down and I was DESPERATE for adult human contact, this woman fed her baby store-bought, pre-made frosting as her first solid.
    That was maybe the beginning of the end of our friendship. As long as I'm on a roll here, let me tell you about the time she was kicked out of Crossroads Athletic Club for propping a bottle of watered down formula in her baby's mouth and setting this sad little infant in a corner of the aerobics room so she could do Zumba.
    I've never been prouder of Crossroads.
    But I what I really mean to say is: Willa willa be fine and your second kid will probably eat something Willa shoves in its mouth as his or her first solid.
    Let's just hope it's not a button.

  2. Oh My God. I'm going to print this out and keep it someplace safe so when I'm having a bad mommy day, I can remind myself that at least I'm not feeding my baby Duncan Hines frosting.



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