May 24, 2012

A Time Capsule, Or How One Person's Trailer Trash Might Be Another's Childhood

Our two farm apprentices arrived. And let me tell you, they're magic. Pure magic. Not only are they awesome folks to be around, they're super duper hard workers and for once, for once, we actually feel like we have the labor figured out on the farm. That's a big step for a small business.

The apprentices mean I don't need to be out there toiling in the dirt and sun as much and now that I have an more-than-part-time off-farm job and a toddler to chase, that works best for our lives. But, I can't say I don't miss it. I do. A whole lot. But, I'll still get out a few afternoons a week and get sufficiently dirty, I hope.

When we do get out to the farm, we try to do so by bike. Pretty awesome road biking around here for a Mama and Toddler.

Also, when on the farm, we always strive to look farmy.

And, while at home, we try to be as useful as possible, researching all things pertinent to small farmers, like, say, reading the most recent issue of ACRES USA magazine. (Someone has to know how do decode the nutrient density of our crops.)

In other news, in order to house aforementioned magic apprentices, we are borrowing this awesome camper trailer from my Dad.

I spent some good weekends in this as a kid and I don't think it's been used since the Lowerys last took it on the road, circa 1985.

So, this thing is like a time capsule on wheels.

It's so funny, how something you didn't even know you remembered can bring back such vivid memories.

Things like a 30-year-old baby doll, a rainbow hair band, a cassette tape, the print of a camper cushion, the lid of a margarine container, an empty box of clay, a key chain, a few handmade potholders, the top from a popsicle maker.

Aww... early 80s, you were totally rad.


  1. That cassette is an awesome find. Maybe your apprentices could listen to a little PYT while on the farm!

  2. That camper is killer! I have been looking for one for family camping trips. And I love the cassette and margarine lid. Aaahhhh the 80s.

  3. I can imagine that feeling like "we have the labor figured out on the farm" would be a magic feeling indeed. So glad for you!! (and maybe just a teeny tiny bit jealous, lol :-).

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