August 3, 2011

Red Ants Pants, Festivals, Camping and a Tomato! A Red, Ripe Tomato!

This last weekend at the Red Ants Pants Festival in White Sulphur Springs, selling Jacob's whole wheat artisan Farmer Bread, signing people up for our Grain and Seed CSA and showing Willa how to camp.

Auntie Hannah came with a big-ass tent for all us of to sleep in (or, more accurately, toss and turn in while a campground full of excited festival goers partied outside.) She also brought important things like cookies and chips and *gasp* Bud Light with Clamato, which is apparently called a "Chelada?" (How have I missed out on that deliciousness for so long? I might just abandon the microbrews for that stuff. Don't tell anyone.) Auntie Hannah can pack a picnic, let me tell you.

Sarah Calhoun, who owns Red Ants Pants (great, great, workwear for women who need some heavy duty pants like me, or my pal Claire Boyles -- see her post about pants-wearing here), is nothing short of incredible for putting this whole thing on. And to make it even better, the profits are going to benefit the Red Ants Pants Foundation, which is in its infancy, but will support family farms and ranches and women in business. I feel lucky to call Sarah a friend and even luckier to have the opportunity to watch her in action. Talk about inspiration.

We got pretty dusty and dirty and didn't shower for three days, but what's new for the Cowgills, really? The only big change was all the yummy things on the festival grounds for Willa to put in her mouth. Things like rocks and bugs and cow patties. Yum.

This weekend (hopefully) will mark our second camping outing. We're really hoping to head up to "the cabin." "The Cabin" is one of the reasons I agreed to move back to Central Montana -- to be closer to it. It's my sacred place, a sanctuary, the keeper of all my best childhood memories. You can read up about what happened a few years ago when we almost lost it to a wildfire here.

Our first year of farming, we got up there once. Last year, not at all. So, now that things seem to have calmed a little on the farm (knocking on wood), we're going to try to cram a few weekends in before the snow flies.

Also in farm news this week, a red ripe tomato.

And, my column on working my off-farm job is up on the Daily Yonder this week. I'm back in the once-a-month column rotation again.


  1. Loved both these posts, and thanks for the linkage :) Off to some early evening tractor mowing!

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  3. I remembered the cabin we stayed in during summer camps, my mom would surely sign me up every year! Met friends there, used to hide behind the secret hideouts of the cabin. Boys will be boys, yes I know. When I reached high school, we had the RV and everything became better. Better than the hideouts we had in the cabins!-Jason

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