June 1, 2011

Dogs, Babies and Dogs That Were Once Babies

Once upon a time, Lydia the Dog was not a Dog at all. She was a baby. A hairy baby, but a baby nontheless. She cuddled in our bed. She rode in the front seat. She went everywhere we went, hairballs and all.

Then she was usurped -- by a real baby.

When Willa arrived, Lydia wasn't sure what to do. She carefully made wide berths around Willa and I.  She learned to keep her paws down. She got put on a leash. She started riding in the back of the car. Then to the back of the pickup. She was banished -- to a dog bed.

I felt bad for her, until, that is, she found a new best friend.

Here's what happens when Willa spots her doggie.

The approach begins.

She makes contact.

The licking begins.

Girl + Dog = True Love

In other news, there is officially enough hair for some sweet bed head.



  1. I love this! Love it. Poor Reina the Dog. She was once a Dog-Baby, too. Now, she is a nanny goat. She loves her Wee McDonald chargees as only a Prussian can.

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