May 8, 2011

One Awesome Mother

Happy Mother's Day, with a special happy to this lady, who never misses an opportunity to dress festively...

and who made all these children possible...

and, who, as I write about in this month's column on the Daily Yonder and New West, made a farmer out of me.

An excerpt:
The big reason I'm farming now is because I want Willa to have the kind of childhood I did, full of sun and wind and dirt and food and flowers, all things my Mom encouraged for me.

She was the one I dug in the dirt with. She was the one I laid in the grass with. She was the one who taught me about perennials and bulbs, peas and potatoes (both how to grow them and how to cream them). She's the one who after a decade of drought, kept the farm – and the farm family – together...
I have respected and valued my mother for many things, but I am long overdue in honoring her for her role in my childhood farm, whether as a farmwife, farm mom or a farmer.
I love you Mom.

And, to the Mamas out there who have taught me how to mother, whether they knew it or not (Renee, Brooke, Trin and Jennifer, I'm talking about you), happy, happy Mother's Day. Thanks for being such spectacular models.


  1. Thanks Pal - I love sharing this journey with you and watching you be an awesome Mama to your girl. Love the picture of your Mom, totally captured her in her hoilday best.

  2. And this is when it sucks to be named Jennifer -- you could be referring to any number of us!

    (I hope it's me. And thanks!)

  3. Jennifer. Yes! You won! The Jennifer in question is you!

  4. hope you had a great first mother's day!! for the record, you're pretty inspiring yourself!



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