February 7, 2011


In the last two weeks, the bean has become a wholly different little being. She's gone from infant baby sweetness to little personess just. like. that.

She's all smiles and giggles these days and is so, fully squishable.

She's also very into swinging around while I sing loudly.

I've been turning up "Home" by Edward Sharpe and the Magfinicant Zeros (partially inspired by this adorable video of a Daddy and daughter singing it) as loud as our computer speakers will blare and we twirl around the room, me singing at the top and her squealing.

The other day, I noticed that despite the utter delight on her face, her little hand was still tightly clutching at the hair on the nape of my neck.

What a perfect human experience: Squealing with abandon, but not forgetting to hold on tight.

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